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College Success - How to Survive College with Michael Amalfitano
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College Success - How to Survive College with Michael Amalfitano

Show Notes

Jacob sits down with Michael Amalfitano and talks with him about how he got through college debt-free. They discuss simple things to do to make money and how to invest.

Making Money on the side

  • Recycling bottles and cans for $0.05-0.10
  • REI - Used Gear Sales
  • GoPro
  • Ebay
  • MacBook Pro
  • Reinvest money into bigger and better opportunities.
  • Using time wisely: Instead of watching TV or sitting around, do something productive! 

Getting through college

  • Scholarships! Michael applied to 30+ scholarships and got 8. 
  • Scholarships are FREE money! The invested time is worth it.
  • Don’t just apply during high school. You can continue to apply for scholarships throughout school.
  • Working part-time at college. 
  • Find a job that will give you a paycheck and more! 
  • Apple Campus Rep Program
  • Time organization and prioritization. 


Learn about personal Finance

  • If you’re in college and have the opportunity to take a personal finance class, TAKE ONE! It’s time well spent. 
  • If you are not in college, there are lots of personal finance resources. Invest some time into learning basic personal finance information. 

College Degree: Is it worth it?

  • It depends on the major and field.
  • Some degrees are in high demand and you’ll learn great marketable skills.
  • College is more than just the degree though. You learn a lot and meet a lot of people. 

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