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Taking a Break + Guests on Biz 4 Good Show
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Taking a Break + Guests on Biz 4 Good Show

Show Notes

Jacob and Kalob will be taking a break from the Success Quest Podcast this week. We will be guests on the Biz 4 Good Show though, so feel free to listen to us there. 

Biz 4 Good Show

With Bobby Glen James & Ryan Pilkington

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Hello success questers and welcome back. I'm Jacob Harmon and this is going to be an incredibly Short episode cuz I'm literally just here to let you know that we're taking a break this week. We were both traveling and kind of all over the place since we just went on vacations and it was hard to schedule time this week. But also we are actually going to be a guest on a podcast this week and we wanted to let you know about that. So if you still want to listen to Kalob and I’s voices still want to learn something from us this week. We'd like to point you in that direction. We are going to be guests on the biz for good show. That is b i z the number for good show and he searched for that in your podcast app, or if you just do a search on the internet, then you will be able to find that so we want to point you in that direction. Feel free to go. Listen to us there is hit the great podcasts. Basically they highlight people that are doing good in business oftentimes, there's confusion and people think that to be a good business person you have to be ruthless and you have to be a little bit cut throat and I really like this for good show because they point out that that is not the case and they highlight people that are doing good in business and They've been so kind to like Kalob and I be a guest on that show, so we will actually be recording that Thursday night. This episode will come out Thursday. So tonight we will be recording the base at the base for good show, and if you want to listen to us, it should come out Thursday night or Friday morning. So feel free to check that out if you want to listen to a little more of Kalob, and I other than that, like I said, this is going to be a Superstore episode. Also, feel free to go back and listen to our back catalogue of episodes. You can go back and listen to any of our past episodes. If you haven't listened to him already, they get better. We're learning as we go along. So be a little for giving to us on those first few episodes were getting better at this, but feel free to go back and listen to all those and we will see you guys next week with another full episode of SuccessQuest as always have a successful day.

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